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    Focus : Morocco at the Crossroads: Economic Development

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    Focus : Morocco at the Crossroads: Economic Development

    Message par rEvoLuChioN le 2007-11-07, 15:47

    Focus : Morocco at the Crossroads: Economic Development

    Emergence plan
    , Azur plan and the new governmental
    guidelines are all aiming to increase Morocco's competitiveness,
    productivity and attractiveness. In the past few years, Morocco started
    a vast program that is changing the country. October 2007 confirmed
    this trend with new advancements.

    Real estate and tourism
    Upon an agreement signed between Morocco's private banking group Banque Marocaine du Commerce Exterieur (BMCE) and French tourism operators, Marrakech will host a $75 million holiday village to promote tourism in the city.
    (
    Sama Dubai, the international real estate investment and development
    arm of Dubai Holding, recently unveiled the $3 billion Amwaj project
    for Morocco at Cityscape Dubai 2007. The 121-hectares project is to be
    implemented within the Bouregreg Valley Development in Rabat on the
    banks of the Bouregreg River. The project will provide a modern
    lifestyle in an authentic North African environment.In real estate and
    (


    It is all good news for
    travelers and businesses logistics. Morocco is moving forward to
    support the leisure/tourism real estate boom and to offer adequate
    transportation networks to companies. In fact, on top of all the big
    projects underway in Morocco, this month the Ministry of Public Works
    and Transportation decided to launch the construction project for a
    coastal motorway linking El-Jadida (190km south of Rabat) to Essaouira
    (440km south of Rabat) in early 2008. And good news for travelers -
    Annual capacity of Moroccan airports will reach 30 million passengers
    by 2010, as a second terminal that was recently inaugurated by King
    Mohammed VI will add some 6 million passengers to annual traffic for
    Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca. The new terminal will
    bring the annual capacity of Morocco's first international airport to
    11 million.

    Financial sector

    has drastically changed in the late 90's and in 2000 thanks to the
    numerous reforms, and is now endorsing the role of a growth engine. For
    example, Ynna Holding, a large family-owned conglomerate, launched this
    month the first of six initial public offerings (IPOs) of affiliates to
    raise money to finance expansion and expose it more to market forces.
    read more..
    Also, Moroccan plastics manufacturer SNEP plans to list on the
    Casablanca stock market after raising up to 1.05 billion dirhams ($120
    million) in an initial public offering.
    read more..

    companies constantly reinforce their trust in the Moroccan banking
    sector. Recently, Morocco's central bank has granted authorization to
    French company Renault to open a branch of the Renault Credit International Bank, which is specialized in financial services for the purchase of automobiles.
    read more..

    Trade sector
    UN Resident Coordinator in Morocco, Mourad Wahba, declared that the
    United Nations Organization (UNO) will continue to promote investments
    in Morocco.
    While Trade exchange between Morocco and Spain reached
    some $7.04 billion with a global investment volume standing at $680
    million in 2006, the U.S. received only 4% of Morocco's exports,
    compared to shares of 25% share for Jordan and 21% for China.
    entrepreneurs have traditionally lacked confidence when it comes to the
    U.S. market, which is considered too big, rigid and too distant. Thus,
    the capacity to enter the U.S. market is an important barrier for most
    Moroccan companies. However they are committed to increase their
    competitiveness and increase their export share for the U.S.
    The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a U.S. government
    corporation, announced to a U.S. audience the $697.5 million compact,
    the largest to date, aimed at boosting Morocco's economy across
    multiple sectors.
    read more..

    also allocated $4 million to promote handicraft products in 2006,
    representing a 600% increase compared to 2005, marking a starting point
    to restructure the sector and encourage the exports.

    Energy sector

    Morocco is taking "clean" actions to solve its heavy energy bill. While
    Morocco's Electricity Utility (ONE) achieved a turnover of $1.113
    billion for the first seven months of the year, an increase of 13% over
    the same period last year, French renewable energy company Theolia
    announced the creation of a Casablanca subsidiary, Theolia Emerging
    Markets, with plans to develop, build and operate wind and solar energy
    plants in India, Brazil and sub-Saharan Africa. CEO Jean-Marie
    Santander selected Morocco because of the government's interest in
    renewable energy, pointing out that Theolia has a wind-powered seawater
    desalination project in Tan Tan and is participating in a tender for
    the construction of a 200 megawatt wind farm in Tarfaya. Morocco's
    government aims to increase renewable energies' contribution to the
    national energy balance to 10% by 2012 and 20% by 2020.
    On the other
    hand, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Moroccan officials signed
    an agreement totaling 137.2 million Euros ($189 million) to finance the
    Mohammedia Gas Turbine Power Plant Project in Morocco.
    read more..


    Argan oil:
    One of Morocco's opportunities is the Argan oil production. The Argan
    oil's growing popularity on the international market and better
    conservation efforts will contribute to the tree's sustainable
    cultivation and the creation of a new niche market with high added
    read more..

    is an opportunity as a manufacturing platform. According to an
    assessment released this month by the California-based consulting firm
    Frost & Sullivan, "strategic initiatives including ensuring the
    effective flow of goods and services, and the building of a reliable
    supplier base are having a positive impact on electronics manufacturing
    services (EMS) providers in the region." "Morocco has become a nexus
    for ever-more complex work including the design of silicon chips known
    as System-on-Chip (SoC) devices. North Africa may be poised to become
    an electronics manufacturing hub.
    read more..

    MATIC report for Morocco Newsline
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    Re: Focus : Morocco at the Crossroads: Economic Development

    Message par ThE MaSteR le 2007-11-07, 15:53

    Good JoB Mester Revoluchion ... and i wich a revolution also to our lover country ... About the financial sector , do you have any Idea about the " centre monetique interbanquaire " which i'd like to know sth about it ... and Thank's .............

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